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Rest in peace...


Jennifer Perri -《Wish On My Star》
I wouldn't change a thing about you   我不想改變你任何一點
I wouldn't ask the green to be blue   我不會要求綠色變成藍的
I wouldn't ask the birds not to fly,   我不會要鳥兒停止飛翔
or change a thing in the sky,   或是改變天空中任何一片雲彩
or turn hello to good-bye.   或是把你好變成再見

I wouldn't ask the birds not to sing   我不會要求鳥兒不再歌唱
I wouldn't ask the phone not to ring   我不會要求電話停止響
I just couldn't ask the wind not to blow,    我就是無法要求風不要再吹撫
or a boat not to row,   小船不再搖曳
or a trio to go solo.    三重唱變成獨唱

You are amazing just as you are   你就是因為是你所以美好
You are a flower in the spring,   你是春天裡的花朵
you're the light each morning brings   你是每天清晨的那道光芒
And I adore you, just the way you are.    而我熱愛著你 就是那樣的你
You are not the star that I wish on    你不是我所許願的那顆星
You are the wish on my star.    你是我在那顆星上的願望

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